Wednesday, February 01, 2006

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Sure, I like February an awful lot. It's my birthday month. It's a short month, but it's jam packed with excitement. Including Sockapaloooza, which I dreamed about last night. I dreamt (see how I'm trying out both past tenses since our language is so plastic) that I got my sister MB as my giftee. Convenient since I promised her a pair of socks as part of her Christmas gift.

Today another beginning. The elegant, lovely Whip Up went live today.

And...the Neal countdown begins. Eight days. 192 hours, more or less.

Happy February!


strangelittlemama said...

wait, is he coming here?
If so, we *must* all go out with our spouses/ SOs so we can meet this mystery man!

meg said...

Hi Beverly! My sieve-like mind finally found the sweater recycling info:

this is the most clear instructions about good vs. bad seams that I have found. Good luck!