Thursday, February 02, 2006


I'm a sucker for Crazy Aunt Purl's horoscopes. Here's mine:

Would you like fries with that Quarter Pounder of Stress? Your commitments to school or work combined with the constant demands from your family and friends have you near the end of your rope this month. That urge to escape your life and run on autopilot is particularly strong near month's end. You might begin harboring serious fantasies of sitting alone on a mountaintop and pondering your navel. Take a deep breath, clear you calendar for at least one full day in February, and commit to some serious alone time before you become commit-able. You may long for a padded room ... but I hear that straightjackets make your butt look big.

Um, yeah. End of the rope. Maybe I'll take a day off in June. Sure.


littlehedgehog said...

We really should all go out of town for a weekend of hot tubs and knitting somewhere in Northern New Mexico before you move back. Maybe just a road trip. Or would that just add more things to stress about?

Beverly said...

A month of hot tubs might do the trick!