Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Where in the World?

I got curious about who might be reading my blog, and where those readers might be. So, although I don't have as wide ranging readership as my favorite TN LYS, it is cool to see some of the places:

Denver, Colorado
Palo Alto, California
Fresno, California
Tijeras, New Mexico
Auburn, Washington
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Point Harbor, North Carolina
Minneapolis, Minnesota
New York
Valley View, Texas (I once had a pen pal from there--is it you?!)
Boston, Massachusetts
Dallas, Texas
Vancouver, British Columbia
Andrews Afb, Maryland
Dodge City, Kansas
Oakland, California
East Windsor, Connecticut
Columbia, Maryland
Meriden, Connecticut
Huntington, West Virginia
Fairfield, Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Ozark, Missouri
Tempe, Arizona
Tallahassee, Florida
San Francisco, California
Terre Haute, Indiana
Coventry, Rhode Island
Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
Dallas, Texas
Oak Creek, Wisconsin
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Plano, Texas

There's lots more, but I don't want to go on and on. I'm no Crazy Aunt Purl, I know, but it's cool to know that there are people out there reading. I'd love to have some of these towns posted on my Frappr map or get some friendly delurking comments.

In other news, I asked my local girlys about doing this, and now I'll send it out into the wider knitting world. As a way to think about the Lenten season, I'm going to pull out my oldest UFO, a complicated intarsia vest that I knit for my ex. We picked out a variety of colors, and I knit for months and months. When I bound off the shoulders, and he tried it on, it was WAY too small. I mean, small enough to fit a child instead of a grown man. I kept at it and wove in the roughly ten million ends, but got stuck doing the finishing work on the edges of the armholes and button bands. So I'm going to bring the UFO to my SnB next Tuesday to show it off, and the other knitters with UFOs will bring theirs. And I'll make a commitment to finish this baby and put it to rest. I'll post a picture on Mardi Gras for my readers from all over the country (and "hi", Canada!) to look at, too.


Mama -E said...

mama-e from baltimore send a shout out!

Beverly said...

Hey, you! I'm gonna get some stash pix to you this weekend!

Ashley said...

I'm from Ohio, isn't that exciting. haha. I just started reading it though so maybe I don't count. Lol It is interesting though to see where people are from. It makes the world seem so much smaller.

Beverly said...

Ashley in da house! My dad grew up in Ohio, so it super counts to me! Ohio City, to be exact! Thanks for visiting!