Monday, February 20, 2006

B Cubed in the House

Monday usually finds me a little worn out from my exertions with the Rev. Boxing exertions. We now have four fighting chicas in our class, and it might stun you to know just how violent we are under our sweet exteriors. Or it might nauseate you how girly we can be..."that was a really good left hook just now, D." "R, your kicks are great." "W., that's a good jab." All compliments and making sure everyone knows they're loved.

This Monday night, though, I am Bouncing Baby Beverly. 'Cause I got some news that has me dancing. My Lendrum is wending its way to me, even as I type. ETA is Friday...just in time for Crafty Friday.

Even more exciting ex-SIL is having a baby girl tomorrow. She was supposed to deliver on Friday, had a cold, and had to reschedule her C-section. Keep her and baby Shane in your thoughts, please. My gramps believed that if you prayed 12 Hail Mary's, 12 Our Father's, and 12 Glory Be's on a Tuesday morning that nice things would happen. A new baby sure is a nice thing, prayers or not, don't you think?


Scoutj said...

How exciting for you! I have told everyone at work to not allow me to do anything with spinning.


Ramona said...

OOOH! I can't wait to see it!

Cari said...

Yay for wheel and new baby! Garden State is on DVD--want me to bring it Tuesday?

Beverly said...

I'd love it! Thanks!!

Ashley said...

The reminds me, I really need to get back to my spinning. I haven't spun anything in so long.

Thanks for the comment, I actually got the patern from the hospital I donate them too.