Saturday, August 27, 2005

Me and Maddie

Yeah, the closet's messy, but I hadn't been living there long when I adopted Maddie. The closet is much cleaner now. I promise, mom.

There's a first time for everything...

And this is my first time writing a blog. After lurking around for months reading other knitters' blogs, I decided to write my own to keep track of knitting projects and share nifty knitting stuff I find as I search around. When I search around as I should, by the way, instead, be doing homework or writing or correcting papers or cleaning or...

So here I am, an East Coast transplant living in New Mexico. Why NM? Why, Beverly, why? Especially with my boyfriend and our two dogs, Maddie and Tilly living happily in the woods of Connecticut? Why leave that adorable tiny apartment that sort of overlooked the Hudson River in New York? Why come to a place where 90% of my clothes are just too darn black to stand the heat?

Simple enough. I wanted an MFA program. I got one--an amazing one, FYI, and I'll write about that here as well.

Me and Johnny Cash. Wearin' black, even if it's a little too hot for it. We know the deal.