Thursday, February 16, 2006

If I Could Turn Back Time

It would be Monday again, and I'd be at my boxing lesson. And I would box better than I did. I would not flop my elbows out, I would not give my opponent a chance to zing me one. I would throw my jabs more quickly.

I saw Cher in concert, you know. She was like a Barbie doll with lots of outfits to show off.

Monday will be here soon enough. I have boxing gloves now, just little practice ones, but they look super cool. I don't hurt my hand as much with them on. Maybe all this shadowboxing will pay off. Maybe I'll keep my elbows where they belong.

I tried to watch Broken Flowers last night, but was too tired. Now my chance at it is over...only get 24 hours with Movielink. If I could turn back time. I would have waited to start that movie.

Jaycrawler progress: almost done with that heel flap. May even finish tonight if I get off the darn computer. By finish I mean the heel flap. NOT the sock!


Mr. Pendent said...

I love Jim Jarmuch movies and I haven't heard of that one! I'll have to netflix it.

Mr. Pendent said...

oops this is Cody's blogger account

Beverly said...

Yeah, I'll have to Netflix it too. I succummed to Movielink when my S in the C dvd wouldn't work...I watched Lady Jane and downloaded Broken Flowers...didn't get to I gotta pay to watch it again! Shows me! But I liked what I saw. Bill Murray is great.

Cari said...

Courage Bev! You can do it. (The Jaywalkers I mean.)