Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Noelle made the comment that she and her sweetie pie hubby had a conversation in which my name, Post Modern, and Audrey were all mentioned. That set me to thinking about the what-do-I-call-my-blog-when-I-move question. PoMoGolightly it is, then. I'm setting a new space up for myself, and I'll be sure to let you know when it's ready.

In Stitch and Bitch news (bring it Sew Fast, Sew Sleazy. I got a right hook to knock your socks off), there was a record 28 knitters at Flying Star tonight. Shout out to the girlys! Scout gave us our "business cards," so if I see you knitting, I'll slip you one as a private invite a la Gertrude Stein.

Since I know my readership is as vast as the stars in a New Mexican night sky, let me ask for help here. I KNOW that somewhere I saw a picture/schematic of how to properly measure for the One Skein Wonder. I lucked out and sized the one I made for my little cousin just right, but this one is for a swap, and I want to make sure it's perfect for the recipient. Anyone know where that is online? I wish I'd bookmarked it like I seem to do with everything else I find.

Neal Countdown: 40 hours to go! Gotta clean and stock the fridge and catch up on homework. The time will fly!


Cari said...

Hey, I just posted the links on the abqsnb blog, but here's the glampyre one again:
and she links to a sizing-standard site too.

Ramona said...

My button found its first home-thanks

Scoutj said...

I love the name! Where did you decide to host it? Need any help?

Mama -E said...

any reference to Gertie is fine by me! I used to live in her house, ya know. (Baltimore not PARIS!)

logan30 said...

wow....37 today! its now the 9th.
happy birthday...................