Sunday, January 15, 2006

Talking at the Vortex and a Plea for Help

If you're in Albuquerque, be sure to give yourself a treat and go see Talking With by Jane Martin at the Vortex Theater near UNM. My girly Martine has a role in it that will have you falling out of your chair, and the other actresses are pretty strong, too. I promise, it's better than Dancing with the Stars. And you know I love that show.

Here's my plea. I want to pretty up my blog. I'd like to add sidebars where I can list my "on the needles" as well as the projects I'm hoping to do. I'd also like the button area to be neater looking. The other thing I can't figure out is how to post pictures and have text under them, as a caption sometimes, other times just a little paragraph. Be honest with me. Am I gonna have to migrate from blogger to really get a more sophisticated look? And if so, what do you recommend, dear reader?

As an aside, my SP6 giftor, the sweet Brianne continues her sweetness...she's planning to pass on a good book to if she hasn't already defined generosity!

My final knitting news for the day. I met up with Carole, Ramona, and Scout today for an impromptu breakfast knit. I was swatching for the Jaywalker-along that we're starting on Tuesday. I, as we all know and are getting tired of hearing about, have gauge issues. I knit Continental style. I'm no snob...I don't think one way of knitting is better than the other, this is just what felt more natural lo those many years ago when I was a new knitter. So I was swatching on 0's, which I find super uncomfortable. Scout took a look at my growing swatch and told me, as she so often has to do, that my gauge is way off. She and Carole both agreed that I should learn English style knitting and taught me. Ramona, on the other hand, felt that I might be able to stay with Continental if I knit more mindfully, tightening my stitches more than I do. One of the girls said I must be the most relaxed knitter of all time! Ha!

Anyway, one of my knitting goals for 2006 is to master the Norweigan purl (which includes learning how to spell it), and I'm going to add to that a goal of getting my gauge to be closer to "on". To that end, I'm going to make two swatches, using larger needles than 0's, one Continental and one English. It may teach me a thing or two. When I have it done, I'll post pictures. Any other gauge tips are appreciated. I'm gonna win this battle!


strangelittlemama said...

I really would be super-happy to help you pretty up your blog, but I'd need access to your code. Do you want to bring a laptop to s&b some night? Or I can work on it with you, at either of our places.
Are you going to keep your blog's name even after you move?

Also, did you try swatching both ways with the worsted?

Beverly said...

Let's talk about the blog--thanks so much...

I'm going to swatch in the morning when I'm well rested! I'm going to use yarn that I wanted to felt to finish up my little green and pink bag. That way I won't feel like I'm knitting with no results.

Ramona said...

Hey, I am still up for making dinner in exchange for some technical advice. Good luck with gauge today!

Beverly said...

Should we have a tech-feast? I'm willing to swap for this help, too!

Jenny said...

recycling yarn from sweaters is TOTALLY in line with the no yarn purchase rule- you're not spending any money, you're making the most of what you've got!