Thursday, January 19, 2006

Lendrum vs. Kromski

Stitch and Bitch

Now that's out of the way... I'm in the process of buying my first spinning wheels. Although I have a chance at an Ashford Elizabeth (not the II) at a really good price, it's a single treadle, which I don't like. Also, it's big. And I'm moving in May. My choices right now, then, are an Original Lendrum, which I've used at Village Wools and like. Plus, that's what my girly Noelle spins her fabu stuff on. She's vouched for it being a great wheel. The other option is a Kromski Minstrel. My spinning guru, Kay, has discussed it with me, and my personal preference aside, she thinks this is a good wheel, a good deal. The double drive attracts me, and I also tried a different Kromski and felt like I was a pro. I haven't tried a Minstrel, though, and I don't know anyone who has one.

Any feedback? I'd like to order something in the next few days. I may be agonizing too much over this, but it's a big purchase for me.

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