Saturday, January 21, 2006

How I Spent My Saturday Morning and Happy Birthday Dad!

I bought this. I should get it by mid-February.

I spent my Friday afternoon with Scout, who taught me about the pleasures and dangers of html. Dangers include ditching writing time to play with my blog. Must. Stay. Focussed.

Carole's been working on a new banner for me.

Things may be a little creaky as I learn my way around, but wbnm's gonna be a good looking site before we're through.

Best of all. Today is my dad's birthday...he's turning 68. My dad is the most gentle, kindhearted, fair person I know. He knows right from wrong, and he's good at giving the gentle reminder about that when needed. He believes in his kids with so much faith that I, for one, feel obligated to make something of myself so his faith is rewarded. But I know when he holds my first book in his hand, he'll have the same amount of love for me that he does when he opens his b'day package. Which contains these. He claims they're almost as good as his mother made. If you make them, they have to be sissy thin cookies here.

I'm off to spend the day with Noelle and the Knitters not Quitters gang


strangelittlemama said...

Happy Birthday to your dad. 1/21 is an excellent day to be born. Aquarians are good people!

Beverly said...

I'm Aquarian, too. We get along best with Leos...