Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hello Out There! I Know You're Watching Me!

I live in an adobe-style townhouse with a flat roof. There's something skittering around, and it's creeping me out. It's an animal, and its little claws are scratching above me. I'm sure it's not a monster. It's not a monster, right?

I'm sorely lacking pictures. I couldn't fit my camera into any of my bags, and I didn't have time before my trip to take pictures...but here's what I gave away as gifts this year, with links to patterns where and when available. Doesn't that sound formal?

--ipod mini cozy with Noelle's adaptations.
--mini felted tote (sorry, can't find the pattern or link).
--Kate Gilbert's Gifted mittens (sorry about that one freakishly long thumb, Brian).
--Another pair of mittens, knit in the round. I like knitting in the round better. I don't like seaming. But I have a little crush on K.G. Her patterns are so lovely.
--Garter stitch scarf.
--OSW for a 12-year-old. It fit. She loved it.
--Chunky garter stitch scarf for her sister. I don't think she loved it.
--Two spiderweb capelets. Both well received.
--Three airy scarves. Two well received. One lukewarm.
--Convertible shruglet in Noro Silk Garden. Quite well recieved.
--Promises for two pairs of socks. Happily anticipated. Neal wants silver stars on his, though, which worries me. I'll give him gray ribbing.
--Annah's easy neckwarmer, still to be gifted (pattern to be posted).
--A purse of my own random design. Not worth replicating. To be gifted.
--Black cabled hat, to be finished, um, tonight.
--Pink legwarmers. Not sure if recipient has picked them up yet.

As far as I can remember, that's my list. I have a cabled neckwarmer that I failed to send to the intended recipient. I still may. If I think I'll really make it to the post office. Otherwise, next year. I'm trying to think of what else I knit last year, and here's what I can come up with:

--brown and black legwarmers (also from the Sally Melville book. I used Cascade 220, and I only cast on 46 stitches for the pink ones. I felted mine as they were WAY too big. We don't have to mention my gauge issues).
--3-hour capelet for me in crazy pink and yellow superbulky. Still need closure. Like, ribbon or a brooch.
--Prayer shawl for my mom's birthday (pictures posted earlier).
--Convertible shrug for MB (hey, take a picture wearing it and e-mail me already, ok?)
--Gargantion hat for Neal. Gauge, gauge, gauge.

ETA: I also made two pairs of the Weekend Knitting fingerless mitts--a fast, easy pattern that taught me short rows; and the kerchief in Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Although it took a hell of a lot longer for me to knit than the book suggests. I'll add whatever else I remember!

Can't think of anything else. I'm gonna keep better track this year. I'll tell you about my other resolutions tomorrow. 'night.


Brianne said...

Welcome back! So glad that you got home safely and with many finished knitting projects.

I finished an incredible book that I think I'll be sending your way. Keep an eye on your mailbox for a little something from me!

strangelittlemama said...

3-hour capelet? do tell!

I'd love to talk more about the "emotional truth" in writing issue.

The Lizard Queen said...

Do we have possums here? If so, I'll bet it's a possum. That's what it always was in SoCal...

Beverly said...

It practically lives on my roof, whatever it is. Watch, it'll just be a branch!!