Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Day 1: Yarn Diet

That's it, the last yarn purchase until the end of the semester. I plan to make the Loop-d-Loop Paisley Carpet Bag with this. Aren't Noelle's yarns yummy? I may add some pink to the mix.

I like Jenny's check in method for her resolutions. I think I'll follow her lead, there. BTW, she's the inspiration for my semester-long yarn embargo.

I'm going to start cataloguing my yarn, too. I have another blog, which I don't use for much other than keeping track of my projects (ok, already, I don't know much about sidebar stuff, but strange little mama's going to help me! ). Anyway, I'm going to take pictures of each set of yarn, along with my plans for it. Any I don't have plans for, I'll probably sell or trade. I'm moving in May, remember? And I don't think there's enough room at N's for my entire stash!


littlehedgehog said...

Those are going to make the coolest paisley bag. You did a great job picking out the colors!

Jenny said...

Oooh, gorgeous colors, Noelle!

Heh. Yarnventory. Scary. I have an excel spreadsheet, and apparently I had well over 22,000 yards of yarn before the last couple rounds of yarn binging. (22,500 yards + yarn binges still all fit in a large, black roll-on suit case, so how bad can it be?!?!?!)

Good luck on the yarn diet! You can do it! And I love the yarn blog idea... might copy!