Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Jaywalkers OTN...

Maddie: Mama, what you been doing?
Mama: Knitting, baby.
Maddie: Mama, what you been knitting?
Mama: Jaywalker socks, baby.
Maddie: Let me see.
Mama: Shows tonight's knitting
Maddie: Mama, that don't look like a sock.
Mama: It will be, baby, it will be.

So, I cast on, and I got one complete round done and a second almost done. I'm a big slow knitter now, but I'm gonna get gauge, dammit.


littlehedgehog said...

Slowly but surely you'll get it. But no stress! Stress about knitting is NOT ALLOWED missy!

Beverly said...

Yes'm! I'm bringing Jaywalker to school to work on between classes. While my eyes are fresh. In good light!

Scoutj said...

Right. No stressing baby. I need to post about my frogging out my whole thing. I'm happy I did. I went down to the right needle size and it's much better. Even the yarn is happy and striping!

How is yours going?

The Lizard Queen said...

Awww, Maddie! :)