Saturday, January 28, 2006

Getting Ready for Sewing Sunday

Ok, I created this post here, copied it here, then here, but none of the pictures showed up on blogger. So go to one of my trial sites to see them, ok? By the way...what do you think, should I stay Wearing Black in New Mexico when I move? Or become Wearing Black in New England?

Last night I taught two women how to knit at Crafty Friday. Thanks to everyone who came over, including Trevor, Liz's dear hubby, who knits and tends the fire to keep us all warm. And carries chairs. Trevor rocks.
At Tuesday's SnB, Scout gave me this for winning her "two days to knit" contest. Nifty tool holder, don'tchya think?

I met Ramona at Village Wools, where I bought yarn for my Secret Pal. So although it was a purchase, it was not for me. I can't give my SP stash yarn, can I? Doesn't seem right to me. On my way home, I stopped and bought this 100% cashmere sweater:
I have two thoughts on how to use this. One is as a part of Sewing Sunday next week in which I will create products for the Etsy store I plan to open (stay tuned). The other is to frog it and use the yarn to knit something else. I guess a third is to try on the darn thing and see how it fits. Maybe it's going to be cute on.
I also purchased this fabric, which I think you'll see better if you click on it. There's a sweet green plaidish type of stuff, a plain muslin, a silky Oriental-ish fabric, and best of all, a fabu purple fake fur. See how my hand likes to pet it? First person to guess what I'm making next week on Sewing Sunday will get a prize. Ramona can't play!


strangelittlemama said...

ooooh, I need to learn to sew.
I'm guessing a custom knitting tote!

Ramona said...

i like the fabric

Beverly said...

Close, SLM! Keep trying, though!

Scoutj said...

I like Wearing BLack in New England!

Esther said...

Hmmm I guess a yoga bag! (just a wild guess) :)I like Wearing Black in New England too!

Beverly said...

Keep guessing, kids!!