Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Thanks, S.P.

Yesterday was a rough day, but it ended well. I got in from CT at about 12:30 a.m., couldn't get to sleep until about an hour later, then up early to prep for classes. Finally got home around 7:15, and what did I find? A FedEx from my wonderful Secret Pal! A skein of Manos cotton in the sweetest pink, Rowan summer tweed in a pink/grey, and five skeins of Knit Picks Elegance in ...you guessed it, black! I'm thinking of making the cowl in the Last Minute Gifts book...for myself. I've been knitting so many Christmas gifts that I've been neglecting the sweaters I so ambitiously began. Well, I do have a month off at Christmastime.

So...thank you, S.P. You rock!

Over the weekend I started a second convertible shruglet and finished part of Kate's Christmas gift.

I'll have some pictures up soon.

Meg responded to one of my posts to tell me about a weekly knitting group at Satellite. The next couple of weeks may be rough, but I'll be there once things settle down.

Other news, I"m in the process of planning a yarn swap for ABQ knitters. As soon as I have a date set, I'll let everyone know.

Back to work now.

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