Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Shruglet or the Convertible Shrug

I visited my oldest sister (MB) in TN over Labor Day weekend. We had a quiet night on Friday, and after a walk around her new neighborhood, we headed to Threaded Bliss Yarns for a "quick trip" that ended up being a "most of the day" trip. Did you notice just there how I've learned to hyperlink? My, my. So, there we are, perusing baby pattern books because I'm just not happy with the way the cuff-to-cuff baby sweater is knitting up (in delicious Lorna's). Rudy the dog and I bond for a while (yup, I sure miss my mutts). He's my best friend until biscuits come out! I select a pattern, sit and chat with Sheila, the fun, sassy owner of said yarn shop. I eye a dancing cats tote. I tote it around for the next hour as MB and I work with Emily and another fabulous customer (sorry, can't remember her name...) to pick out yarns for MB's shruglet, or as I've taken to calling it, convertible shrug--you'll see why when I post pictures over the weekend.

After all that fun, we picked up the kids, had dinner, then I knit furiously to finish Lisa's Christmas gift (ahh...to be revealed after...Christmas) as I needed those size 15 needles for the convertible shrug. Didn't quite get the gift done on Saturday night, but did finish on Sunday. I had fun knitting in between swimming and tubing on the lake, thanks to Rick, Christina, and Ian for their marine hospitality.

Next up is frogging the cuff-to-cuff sweater and starting the new one. The baby is due in another week or two, so time to get the gift made!

In school news, I'm struggling with my four classes. It's a lot more work than I expected. I hope to finish up in December '06, so I have to struggle a bit now to make that goal.

Last night my short story "Splinter" was workshopped. I think it went well...I came away with some ideas of how to improve it. Shaping it up enough to send it out is another goal. Time to start trying to publish.

Final school news: A CCCC panel proposal for the 2006 conference that I'm on was accepted. Chicago in March, baby, Chicago.

Time to get some homework done. If I work fast enough, I'll start in on that frogging tonight.

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