Thursday, September 15, 2005


Cousin Brian used to just say "Darkness" to cover any situation about which he was, well, dark. I'm walking around the condo muttering "darkness." I didn't finish my reading for today, I overslept, and I'm just enough of a dork to be dark on myself for not completing homework. Dark on being so far from my dogs and my man. Dark on being so far from my sister and her kids. Dark on not feeling like I'm managing my time well. There are 168 hours every week, and I seem to be wasting an awful lot. When I stop being dark, maybe I can create a new plan of attack on those hours. Dark because if I had gotten up early, my plan was to go have breakfast at the coolest joint in Albuquerque, Le French Corner. The best cup of coffee in town. The French owners sold last spring, though, and it wasn't long before there were eggs with green chili on the menu. I like green chile, but they don't use it in France. I'd put money on that. So don't cave in to the local pressure, LFC! Darkness.

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Another Crazy Girl said...

Hey! Corrine here. Sorry it took me so long to write back after your nice comment on my blog but I thought today would be the perfect opportunity to get you to come to the knitting circle tomorrow. I'll send out a reminder today and let me know if you need directions.
Maybe it will help you get out of your funk. I know exactly how you feel. I have so much to do and then I end up wasting all my time doing nothing (or watching TV) and then I feel awful because now I'm lazy AND behind. I think the fall brings this sort of "darkness" to a lot of us and maybe if we stick together and knit we'll get through it relatively unscathed ;) Hope to see you tomorrow and I hope your day is getting better.