Sunday, September 18, 2005

La Boheme Shawl

I don’t have any knitting pictures up, so here are some until I get my act together. I made this shawl for my mom’s birthday using the Prayer Shawl Ministry’s pattern. I started with some beautiful Fiesta yarns La Boheme that I purchased at their outlet. The tag read that it was an odd dye lot, and I wish there had been more of it. Since I didn’t have enough for the entire shawl, I used a fuzzy yellow yarn, the name of which as left my feeble brain. Soooo soft, like a little chick! It was hard to give up!

I think I should have gone a little thicker with the fringe, but I was going for a pashmina effect.

I used size 15 needles. The shawl weighed a lot after a while, so I switched to circulars. That was helpful in making it more comfortable to knit.

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Scoutj said...

Hey you! :) It's Jamie. I think that this yarn must be harder to knit with than the dental floss sock yarn!