Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Lite-brite, Lite-brite, Lite-brite

Guess what? There's a virtual lite-brite!! One of the toys I always wanted and never got. Now, if I can find Virtual Operation, I'll be so set.

Last night was the Albuquerque Flying Star Stitch and Bitch. I worked on some embroidery, not knitting. I had a great time, and I was psyched to meet Jamie, the organizer and her doppleganger, Carole. Liz was knitting a cozy looking blue scarf, Beth worked on her afghan, Laurie on socks, and Ramona on the Knitty boob scarf. So when are the rest of you Albuquerque knitters going to come out and play with us?

I know there are a lot of knitting groups in ABQ...I'm waiting for a freed-up Saturday so I can join knitters not quitters.

Tomorrow I'm off to CT, but before I go, I'm going to stop by Village Wools to pick up the new class schedule and a little something for my Secret Pal.

Let me know what you make on lite-bright, ok?


meg said...

Hi There!
I am an organizer of another of the ABQ knit groups (Knit Night) - and I am myself a CT yankee (Stamford). I moved here from NYC in 2001 and work in the College of FIne arts at UNM. Hope to meet you sometime!

My knit group meets every tuesday, 5:30-7 at Satelite on Central/Harvard. Hope you trip home is good, I miss it so much!

Another Crazy Girl said...

I hope you can make it one of these Saturdays. I've been hit or miss lately myself. I can't make a Thurs. night but I might try to catch Meg's group. Jeannie goes to yours (Meg), I think and always has great things to say about you guys. Maybe sometime we can all get together in one spot for the biggest knitting circle this side of the Mississippi :)