Saturday, December 03, 2005

W*A*T*E*R or I Get It or Noelle-Approved 'Cuz She's Seen the Well

There she is, Miss Maddie Mulligan, in her fashionable pink and brown with white polka-dot collar. And here's a little story about our dear Miss M.

She's got some problems. Pulling problems, one might call them. She pulls on her leash. But she can't run free because she forgets to come back. She's not always as sharp as you'd think.

So Neal's been working with the little dolly. "Don't pull." x 1,000,000 = working with Maddie on how to walk properly. Because she's forgotten between the summer and now. And usually, Neal must reel in the leash to emphasize his point.

But today, there was a breakthrough. A moment oft rare, and so worth celebration. A moment not unlike that between Miss Annie Sullivan and her young charge, Helen Keller. "Water," Miss S. signed into Helen's hand. "Water," as she pumped the well. And a lightbulb shone above Helen's head. Imagine Neal in the role of Miss Sullivan, and Maddie playing Helen.

"Don't pull," commands Neal as Miss Sullivan.

And Maddie as Helen stops pulling.

A miracle. And Neal? The new miracle worker.

Rome will be posted soon, as will my very own original wrist warmer pattern. Oh, yeah, and the Roman loot. How do you say "cashmere" in Italian?


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