Sunday, November 20, 2005

Did I Forget Anything?

I've got stacks by the suitcase...stack of clothes, and a stack of yarn. I'm planning on knitting a lot during my flights to TN, NJ, and Rome. Here's what I think I can get done (oh, yeah, there's a bus ride to Naples and Pompeii that will make for good knitting time): this cabled neck tube, a Christmas gift for a friend who wears more black than I do; two pairs of Susan Lawrence's fingerless mittens, presents for Christmas; two sets of these nifty bike helmet ear warmers for two biking maniacs on my list.

The cables, by the way, came on suddenly after seeing Noelle's yumster Irish hiking scarf as she knit and I spun. Span. Need to master my verb tenses. She's making the scarf out of her own, burgandy, soft, yumster yarn, btw.

Don't you just love posts with lots of links? I do. Especially links to cool things. Like, when I went on Scout's blog I followed her lusty lead and fell in love with this. And 'cuz Bee's so cool, I'll be getting a bag of my own sometime after the New Year in exchange for one of my nifty Threaded Bliss Yarn convertible shruglet (see the September 8th post to finally get a look at the darn thing).

The rest of my night will be spent in a somewhat looney packing frenzy interspersed with the effort of finishing my Grammar exam. I'll be gone for a while, but when I come back, I'll post pictures of Roma.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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