Thursday, November 10, 2005

Don't the Timing Beat All!

At the beginning of the semester, a call was put out for graduate students to read at UNM's Works in Progress monthly event. I signed up for November, figured that would give me plenty of time to have a piece ready to read. Well, guess what? I caught the first cold I've had in two years. Started Tuesday night with a bit of a fever and lots of sneezing. I feel sorry for the folks coming out to listen to me and my sorry, scratchy voice.

I attended two defenses this week, both which impressed me. Chad, a non-fiction writer, is finishing up his MA degree with a strong thesis. I was really moved by what he read. And my girly Val read from her novel and answered questions with amazing clarity and grace. Thanks to her parents for the celebratory dinner!

I finished knitting Dana's Christmas gift on Tuesday...just need to felt it now. I'm not too confident at this point that I'll achieve my goal, but I'll make a good try for knitting all the Christmas gifts. The key will be to bring some projects with me to Rome. Yes, Rome. I'll be there (thanks to my darling MB) for Thanksgiving.

No pictures. I have to work on the story I'm reading if I knew which one that was going to be! 'night.

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