Wednesday, November 02, 2005

November: Birth Month of MBA. Celebrate, Fools. Celebrate

So my older sister's b'day is on Sunday. And we girls LOVE our b'days. She celebrates a Birth Month, which enables the festivities to go on and on and on. Raise a toast in her honor, will ya, already?

Other fascinating news: My Horoscope from Crazy Aunt Purl :
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)Online shopping. Email. TV. The radio you listen to late at night. It's all part of your bubble, helping you achieve your goal of interacting with as few people as possible in the world. Is this really necessary? Do you really need to turn into me, The Hermit Extraordinaire? Don't you need some real-life TLC? Gooey kissing and schmaltzy hand-holding with puppy dog eyes is really good for the complexion. Of course, you are too well-mannered to slurp in public. But I suggest you venture out this month and start making some eye contact. Bedroom eyes suit you.

Yes, as a matter of cold, hard fact, Auntie P., I DO need some real life TLC...just whined about it to Neal for the duration of our phone date. "I want someone to take care of me. No one takes care of me. I need someone to take care of me." Poor Baby Beverly. Neal: "No you don't." "I do, too." "I take care of you plenty." "No you don't." It was a fruitful conversation. So, although I won't be partaking in any gooey kissing this weekend, I WILL be hostessing TWO parties: a yarn swap on Friday night with awesome knitters from all around Albuquerque, and a post-Halloween party on Saturday for anyone who cares to show up. I'm going to be a Stepford wife, not a bunny as Neal suggested. By the way, his costume of choice is a mouse. Huh?

All this partying is really in honor of MB, sister and best friend. She rocks.


Tammie said...

Funny. I too celebrate a birth month, a birth week and when the day arrives look out!

Beverly said...

So...are you a Scorpio, too? ;-)