Monday, November 14, 2005

WBNM Posse

My girl Scout filled me in on these nifty Frappr Maps. So, just as a little sociological anthropological experiment, please head over to Frappr and let me know where my posse's living. Even if you're just making a quick visit to my little corner of cyberspace, I'd love to see your picture on my map!

Tomorrow night is the Albuquerque Stitch 'n Bitch at the Flying Star Cafe. My other girly, Noelle, is going to show up--yippee! Check out the yarns she spins on Etsy. Are you feeling kind of like I do, a little jealous that I'm not knitting with them? She'll make us more, I'm sure of it.

Friday night I read from one of my short stories at UNM's Works in Progress night. I was battling a cold, but my voice held out. Maybe it was the little sumthin extra Martine put in my tea. My sweet friend Liz gave me a lovely boquet of flowers. The McDonald's next door gave me a towing bill. Yup, after the euphoria of a performance that didn't shame me (although it wasn't as stellar as it could have been), my car was towed. I got it back Saturday after writing a check for $118. Just when I thought I was making progress on saving for a spinning wheel. But as mom always says, everything happens for a reason. I'm trying to keep from being too cranky about the whole thing. I do, after all, head for Rome in a week. You heard me right!

I'm renting a Louet from Village Wools until Saturday. Before I go to Rome (yes, I did say Rome), I'll try to post a picture of what I've been spinning. Pink and brown, like my office. Hope it looks as good as I'm imagining it!

I'm off to spin and knit.


strangelittlemama said...

Rome!!! You'll have to fill us in tomorrow! And bring that pretty yarn to show off...

Scoutj said...

Yeah. When the hell are you going to ROME!? Cool about Noelle coming! Later chica.