Thursday, December 08, 2005

Tagged by Scout

Scout started this fun meme: post pix of your favorite knitting spot. When I'm knitting at home, I usually sit on my side of the futon (even though Maddie's not living with me, I don't sit on her side, nor do I sleep on her side of the bed!) and either watch a movie (this semester I've been addicted to Sex in the City...I'm on season three...can you believe Carrie and Aiden?) or listen to a book on itunes while I have a warm drink--my own brand of cappucino or tea. I can easily get to my knitting book shelf when I need a reference book, and I can also enjoy the fireplace...and look at my yummy bubblegum handspun. Once I finally get a wheel, I'll be spinning some truffle brown to ply with the pink.

ETA: Ok, so I had pix of the fireplace, the handspun yarn, the dvd, the bookshelf, but Blogger's not letting me post pictures too easily just imagine!

I'm tagging Brittany, Sheila, Crazy Aunt Purl, Amelia, and Beth.


Scoutj said...

I love your cozy knitting spot! See you in a bit?

Brittany said...

Hello! So nice to finally meet you, miss.

I will post a photo right away.

Thank you for being an awesome SP6.