Thursday, December 08, 2005

Advent and a Countdown or Two of My Own

Here's a website worth visiting every day until Christmas. Despite all the Christmas knitting I've been at since this summer, I don't yet feel the Christmas spirit. It may have to wait until I see A Charlie Brown Christmas, which always does the trick.

I spent the afternoon with Scout and her gang. We needle felted. It was fun. Once the recipients have received their gifts, I'll show you what we did. I'm convinced, by the way, that Scout is the Albuquerque knitting super star. She's going to be interviewing Vickie Howell on her (Scout's) blog on Monday, December 12. Check it out, knitters!

I stopped at Joann's today to pick up fabric to line a few purses with. My sewing machine is hunkered down in my office closet, and I'm a little afraid to try and set her up after a few years of neglect. I used to be a quilter, you see, and we were on excellent terms. But a baby quilt for Julia is the last thing we made together. Do you think she'll cooperate with purse liner sewing?

Here's the first countdown: one week until I'm done with papers and projects and grades. Another countdown: nine days until I'm in CT for the winter break. Back with Neal and the pups.


strangelittlemama said...

When you come back, I want to arrange a needle-felting lessons + cocktails! Ok!
Will you be at S & B next week?

Ramona said...

I got a little peek at what you did from Scout's pics. Very cool! It's strangely therapeutic to jam that little needle in and out of yarn.