Monday, October 10, 2005

With Apologies to Jamie, But I'm a Sinning Spinner

Still feeling just as lusty about my new love. The camera batteries charged, so here are some pictures.

See how the yarn at the top is really thick? That's from when I didn't "get" what I was doing. Then Jen, fabu spinning instructor, showed me how wrong my drafting was (notice how technically I'm talking about this? Don't I sound like I really know what I'm doing?), and it started looking like nice yarn. Pretty yarn. Yarn with which to make things. I do like the thick slubby stuff an awful lot, but I think there are better ways to create it instead of just failing to draft. I'll let you know when I learn.

I'm planning on going to the Satellite Knitters Night group tomorrow evening, and Jeannie has promised to show me Norwegian purl. Neal's Norwegian. That makes me want to learn it even more. So, maybe that's just silly, but understand the countdown has begun.

Neal countdown: Approximately 50 hours.


Scoutj said...

You meanie......see I could fit THAT in my house!

Maybe Carole and can try and come tonight. Should bring you a Cosmo? ha.

Jenny said...

Hey! It was great to meet you tonight. I love love love your scarf- that may be what I cast on for next....