Sunday, October 23, 2005


Above is the Lendrum Wheel I'm renting. Below and left is my second bobbin of thread: spun throughout the week in short spurts of time. To the right is the bobbin spun last night while watching Titanic. I know, how cheesey can I be? I just love the scene when Rose is shivering and saying "I'll never let go, Jack," but meanwhile she's prying Jack's frozen, dead hands from the big ol' wood door that in all honesty COULD have held them both. "I"ll never let go, Jack, 'cept this once. Then I"ll never let go. Course, what will you know?"
This little bobbin is the yarn I spun (I keep wanting to write "span") at the class last Sunday. No class today, but next week I believe I'll be learning how to ply. I'll be sure to post pictures when I have actual yarn! Whatever will I make with it?

Next...airy scarf.


Scoutj said...

Where did you RENT a wheel around here? My husband is seriously going to kill you if I end up spinning. DAMN YOU B!!!

Beverly said...

Village Wools rents them for $10/week, once the class isn't in session. I'm trying to figure out how long I can rent it for before it becomes more cost effective just to buy one!! Give it a try...I'll be the evil enabler!