Saturday, October 22, 2005

A Lesson in Gauge

I admit, I don’t always want to take the time to knit a gauge swatch, but I usually will if I’m knitting something that needs to fit. No way for a scarf or a felted purse. Just not gonna do it. At Tuesday’s SnB, though, I learned just how different gauge can be for different knitters.

Jamie was helping me with a pair of baby booties that I want to make. I knit the first couple of rows, but they didn’t look right. I frogged, and she knit the first two rows to set up the pattern, then handed the needles back to me. I knit, and you can see the results. Where she’s created a nice tight fabric, I made this loosey goosey mess. I know I’m a loose knitter, but this picture drives it home to me. Time to get out my US1 needles and see if I can’t make this fabric look right.

Since I'm have a hard time getting pictures where I want them in each post, I'm going to do several posts with shorter comments. Scroll on down for some spinning news, the airy scarf, and to see my Secret Pal 6 booty

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