Wednesday, October 05, 2005

New to My Stash...

Here's a picture of the lovely loot from my fabu Secret Pal. Notice the PINK chair that I picked up for a pittance at JCPenny this weekend with mom. It looks pretty funky in my chocolate brown/bubblegum pink office. I kinda feel like Jane Jetson when I sit in it, which you'd understand if the whole thing were in the picture.

What am I avoiding now you ask? What, do you think I only post when there's something else I should be doing, something I don't WANT to do, perhaps something I really ought to do? Ok, you've torn it out of me. It's a grammar test. I like my grammar class. My professor is a doll and super smart on top of it, but I just can't wrap my head around Plain Present and Plain verb tenses or, say, Complex Transitive and Complex Intransitive clauses. I sort of get this stuff, in a glancing way, like the way I sometimes drive--woops, that was a curb there. Know what I mean? I'm really stretching the poor little brain a lot this semester.

Other news, I'm planning a yarn swap for the Albuquerque Stitch and Bitch group (we meet the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of the month at the Rio Grande Flying Star [yumsters] if you want to join us), as well as any other knitters in the area. It'll be at my place on November 4 at 7 p.m., so let me know if you're interested in coming, and I'll e-mail you more details. Oh, yes. It's gonna be a potluck...yummmmmy.

And...I'm planning on having a Halloween party. What should I dress up as, I ask Neal. "A bunny." A bunny? Like short skirt, cute ears? No, like big footsie pj's. Um, no. Try to rethink that thought, lovey. I'm leaning toward being a naughty schoolgirl, but I may fall back on my favorite--vampire Beverly. Got any ideas??

Ok, off to bed so I can wake with the sun, finish up the darn grammar and read Gorgias. Oh, yeah, I've been avoiding that, too.


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